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Windows Touches a Nerve

When I first saw the new Windows ad Thursday morning, I knew immediately it had hit the mark.  Not only did they find someone (even if she is an aspiring actor) who “looks” like someone who would fit in well in a Mac Store, her personality was immediately likable and believable.

That’s one of the things that’s been lacking in some of the past Microsoft advertising that you’re starting to see more and more–in the Mojave Experiment, and the company’s People_Ready ads as well.  Having a credible 3rd party tell your story is one of the tenets of successful marketing campaigns.  We’re always going to believe our peers, or people who we identify with in our lives–or even people we aspire to be more like. 

“Microsoft” telling us that Windows is better, or more broadly that their software is better is lost in the clutter these days.  Lauren has managed to break through it.  Her killer line of “I guess I’m just not cool enough to be a Mac,” now making its way around the Internets, have clearly struck a nerve given all of the responses by Apple users. 

Whether she’s actually 100% right in her statement that there’s no Mac for less than $1000, or that the HP she chose actually would be super slow or use older software is not relevant.  From a marketers perspective the conversation is now changed, and thus the ad has hit its mark, and for the first time started to truly change the conversation, if not the market perception.