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Do you market to where your customers are—or where you WISH they were?

One of the great paradoxes of marketing today is in explosion of ways that people access information from which to make a decision. And as the waves of all things social media and online crash up against the tried-and true methods of generating awareness like webinars and white papers, it presents a significant challenge for marketers at all sizes of companies: do I continue to market in ways that my customers are saying they use today to find out more about us, or do I market to where the market for marketing is ultimately headed—all digital, all the time?

Now in some cases this trade-off exists only within the minds of some marketers because the online and digital environment is new and exciting—it invites creativity in ways that a formulaic 60 minute packaged call just cannot, and it’s natural for us as marketers to look at what’s new and interesting and try to have the next big viral marketing hit on the web.

But smart marketers don’t get so far ahead of their customers and prospects that they’re ultimately talking to the wrong people—those that have an opinion, but ultimately have no impact on the decision making process. While Twitter and Facebook are amazing marketing engines, if your buyers are still making decisions based on face-to-face meetings and a day on the golf course, while you’re re-tweeting a blog post, something’s out of alignment.

Ensure you bring your customers with you on the journey, and don’t get so far ahead of them that they can’t see you anymore and decide to stop following you. Savvy digital marketing may win you lots of site hits and marketing awards, but they don’t always win you the business of the people you’re trying to market to.


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