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Are You Taking Advantage of The Down Time This Month?

The dog days of summer are clearly upon us with heat wave after heat wave bringing lots of fun in the sun and time away from the office with family and friends. As it should be. However…

That doesn’t mean that you can’t use this time productively. As a marketer there’s nothing more I like than do have the August block of time to myself, without meetings and interruptions, to recharge my batteries and hone my insights for the Labor Day-New Year’s rush. Spending time surfing blog sites I’ve bookmarked, researching competitors, going through my team’s development plans. All these are tasks that I never seem to have enough time for during the year. But now’s the time to allow yourself to be creative, find out what others are doing, follow some Twitter feeds, and get creative.

Because you know what? Your competitors are definitely doing this now. They’re plotting their fall campaigns, their offers, their prospect targeting and outreach activities, and finding out what your latest marketing plans are as well. And while we all need vacations and a break, don’t take your eye off the ball totally—get sharp and get ready.


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  Seba wrote @

Thanks for the info and keep up the good work…

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