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What Happens When You Can’t Keep Up with Your Customers?

It’s virtually impossible to keep up with all the new technology available to marketers these days. I somehow am on the subscription list for Chief Marketer Magazine, and while informative on specific issues, it’s about as up to date on what’s happening out there as last Sunday’s New York Times. Technology is moving so fast that in some cases, while companies are just figuring out what their social media strategy should be, their customers have already moved 2-3 programs beyond Twitter and Facebook. There are so many geo-locator apps on the marketplace now that they too have their own aggregation applications like TweetDeck and Tweetmeme have done for Twitter followers out there.

Which raises an interesting question for marketers today—how “current” do you need to be with your marketing to stay ahead of your customers? We always talk about marketing where your customers are, but what if you didn’t even know that “where they are” even existed? What if they’ve moved onto where you’ve just arrived?

Now this doesn’t mean that you should attach yourself to every fad and new product that comes on the market of course. The Silicon Valley graveyard is littered with “the next big thing” when it comes to finding customers. But it also doesn’t mean just doing the same old webinar and direct mail piece with the expectation that your customers will always respond because they have in the past.

With Facebook being used as a search engine as much as Google in some months, and word-of-mouth instant reviews affecting restaurant menu’s on a daily basis, customers and prospects are moving faster and faster these days—you need to make sure your marketing strategy keeps up with them, lest the competition do your job for you!


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