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Turning on a Dime to Land Effective Marketing

Sometimes the best laid plans end up being just that—plans. It was supposed to be sunny for the BBQ; the flight wasn’t supposed to be two hours late; the customer swore they had budget this quarter…you get the picture, and we’ve all been there before.

Whatever the reason things go wrong, it’s rare when things turn out exactly as we have them scripted out. And the realities of our marketing plans are no different. Gone are the days when you can publish the entire calendar for the year ahead of time and ensure everyone is on the same page in terms of what is going to be executed in the field. These days it’s enough to be able to look a quarter ahead with any certainty, given the budget crunch and speed of the changing competitive landscape we all face.

That’s why it’s super important to ensure you have a firm “north star” in mind for where you want to be at the end of the period/year/timeframe for your marketing. Ensure you have the big things tackled that are going to need to occur no matter what happens in the marketplace. Focus on the product launches, the new campaigns, the expected competitive moves, and make sure you have your tactics in place and ready to go. These are the critical few things that need to occur in the coming year.

And then…take a breath and start asking the “what if?” questions. What if the product is delayed, what if the budget goes away, what if we don’t get the venue?—all the things that have the potential to sink your best laid plans. Then start building in some contingencies, some “plan B’s,” some back-up ideas that will allow you to stay on course but stay nimble and quick on your feet. Does your plan have that flexibility today? Chances are your competitor’s does. We all need to make sure our plans allow us to turn on a dime and land great marketing in this environment. It’s not just our jobs that depend on it these days, but our credibility as marketers in this fast paced environment in which we all operate.


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