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What Local Marketing Resources Are You Missing Out On?

My friends and I are currently running an experiment this month to see if we can eat all of our food locally through the month of August. There are the usual caveats on what *doesn’t* have to be local, including coffee, spices, etc., but the goal is to see if we can not just live off the land, but find foods to eat where we know the growers, the farms, the producers, instead of just doing our usual pass through the Safeway without any regard for the ingredients in what we eat, or the length or complexity of the supply chain that it take the food to get to our shelves (you can actually chart our progress and follow our escapades at our blog “Backyard Eats” if you’re so inclined.)

So this got me to thinking about how to apply this challenge to marketing as well. Often times in my job I’m contacted by firms around the world that want to contract their services to me and my team. They’re in different cities, sometimes countries, and yes, their work is often fantastic. But what about “marketing locally” and doing business with a local group or agency?

While there’s great benefit in scale and reach, there’s also something to be said for shortening your own marketing “supply chain” and tying together your creative source with your marketing outcomes. Not only will you likely get a stronger say over the direction and the final product of our marketing materials, you’ll be helping out local businesses and firms that are needed more than ever right now to keep our economies above water.

There’s always a rush to bigger and better, faster and more efficient. But like the food supply chain, ultimately that can bring you to a place of very impersonal, cookie-cutter marketing that looks and feels and sounds like everyone else’s because it’s kind of designed that way. As I mentioned in yesterday’s column—don’t be afraid to knock down a heretofore unbreakable barrier and take a meeting with a local vendor or agency. You might be surprised at their skill and ability to not just produce good marketing for you, but a great relationship that you can count on when you need it most!


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