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Knock Down the Walls Around Your Marketing

Back after a short summer break and ready to commence on some HOT marketing topics for everyone!

I read an interesting post from the all-knowing Seth Godin last week that really hit home for me—the idea around redefining the problem set around you to solve, as he calls it, “the perfect problem,” the one that seemingly has no solution.

And it applies perfectly not just to life (and the blog post is largely speaking to any type of hard decision), but to marketing challenges as well. I hear lots of marketers talk about the constraints that prohibit them from really doing “good” marketing. The phrase “if only…” comes up a lot when I talk to some of our partners and customers about why they’re not taking advantage of the amazing new ways to reach prospects, have a conversation with their customers, and jump ahead of the competition.

As Seth says, “If the only alternative is slow and painful failure, the way to get unstuck is to blow up a constraint, deal with the pain and then run forward. Fast.” And I can’t think of better advice for marketers today.

If your strategy isn’t working, and you know that it’s not, you can hope for things to change, or get outside of the proverbial box and knock down a previously unapproachable barrier. Slay the sacred cows, knock down the walls, apply whatever cliché that works for you. But find a way to breakthrough and create something meaningful and interesting.

The alternative is mediocrity.


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